Mysterious Happiness

BY: Leica Store Indonesia


Mankind is constantly searching for happiness. Each member of the human race has been doing so since the beginning of time, regardless of where we are born, our religion, or our financial or social status. The search for happiness is common to all human beings, and this new documentary book, Mysterious Happiness, illustrates how some of us find happiness even when living under the most difficult conditions. We can all learn from the approach to life — and the pursuit of happiness — undertaken by people living in the most marginalized and underdeveloped parts of Manila. The candid photographs and the real-life stories speak to the heart and mind.

Of course, happiness comes in different forms to us all. Often, happiness is based on the freedom to make life choices and to have a healthy life expectancy, a luxury not available to most people portrayed in these pages. How is happiness possible in such circumstances? Mysterious Happiness shows how, and in doing so it documents essential, meaningful acts of humanity being performed at this moment in history.

Mysterious Happiness documents the conditions of life in and around Manila. The ingenuity and innovation shown by parents trying to feed their families are remarkable, but also shocking. The scars of kidneys removed, just to have something to sell when there are no other assets left, speak for themselves. Some individuals surrender, because they see no alternative. Without a social security network, some souls are simply left behind.

Mysterious Happiness inspires us to choose life and love, even in the hardest of circumstances.