#BicaraUang is a financial literacy movement for Indonesian youths and families proudly presented by PermataBank.
As part of Indonesia Creative Week (IDCW), #BicaraUang CreartorFest aims to educate public on financial literacy through inspirational showcases of art works and bazaar.
Creartor Week Illustrartor
Curated By: VICE Kelas Pagi
Passionate “new-eyes”, delivering strong stories through stunning
photographs and videos for your personal emotional awakening.
Dimensional Morphology
Inspiring visual art exhibition, showcasing the works of
Melissa Sunjaya’s Dimensional Morphology students.
Shopalogic Bazaar
A #Shopalogic thinks twice and wise.
Find out the purposeful stories of curated local brands to start making a difference!
#CountMeIn Party Dipha Barus
Living life to its fullest while keeping it on track isn’t as easy as it sounds.
With a tailor-made song that speaks out the movement, be prepared to enjoy LIVE performance of Dipha Barus, Monica Karina and many more!
Shopalogic Bazaar
Express yourself by capturing moments of
BicaraUang CreARTor Fest 2018 and win amazing prizes


Komunitas Salihara Jakarta Jalan Salihara No.16, RT.6/RW.1, Jati Padang, Pasar Minggu, RT.11/RW.3,
Ps. Minggu, Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12520
Part Of
  • ID Creative Week
Supported By
  • Ayo Ke Bank
  • Inklusi Keuangan
  • OJK
  • Salihara
  • Permata Me